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Latest Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa statistics released

The latest quarterly statistics on net migration have been released today with some interesting news in the Tier 1 category. This blog will look at what the statistics show about Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Investor applications.


In the First Quarter of 2016, 214 Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) migrants were granted Entry Clearance for the UK. The country with the largest number of Entrepreneurs was China.

 Country  Number of Entrepreneurs granted Entry Clearance
 China  43
 Pakistan  18
 Hong Kong  14
 USA  13
 Australia  12
 Russia  12
 India  12
 Iran  11
 Korea  11
 Egypt  10


The statistics show that in Quarter 1 of 2016, there were 418 Entry Clearance Entrepreneur applications made, and in this period 432 applications resolved. Of these 214 were granted and 216 were refused. This is a 50% refusal rate for Entry Clearance applications.

The refusal rate for Entry Clearance applications has increased since this time last year, when 46% of applications were refused in 2015 Q1. However, the number of applications being made has decreased – falling from 529 to 418.

For in country applications, there were 748 decisions made in the first quarter of 2016, and of these only 324 were grants of further leave. This means that 57% of in country applications were refused. Since this time last year, there has been an increase in both the number of decisions made per quarter and the percentage of those decisions which were refused. The number of decisions has risen tfrom 687 to 748, while the percentage refused in 2015 Q1 was only 46%, in comparison to the 57% refused now.


In the first quarter of 2016, 42 Investors were granted Entry Clearance for the UK.

Country Number of Investors granted Entry Clearance
China 12
Russia 7
Israel 3
United States 2
India 2
Kazakhstan 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Kuwait 2

The statistics show that there were 42 Tier 1 Investor visa applications made in the last quarter, with 50 Tier 1 Investor visa applications resolved in the same time period. Of these 50, 42 were granted and 5 refused. This is a grant rate of 84% and a refusal rate of 10%. The number of applications for Entry Clearance as a Tier 1 Investor has risen slightly since this time last year when there were 39 applications and 80% were successful.

For in country applications as a Tier 1 Investor, there have been 143 decisions in the last quarter with 134 grants and only 9 refused. This is a refusal rate of 6%, which is just over half the previous quarter.

China and Russia

In 2015, we saw a drop in both Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications, particularly from China.  However, China has seen an increase in both Investor and Entrepreneur visa applications in the latest quarter.

Period Investors from China Entrepreneurs from China
2015 Q1 11 49
2015 Q2 6 30
2015 Q3 9 12
2015 Q4 8 17
2016 Q1 12 43


Russia, on the other hand, has seen a decrease in both Investors and Entrepreneurs granted.

Period Investors from Russia Entrepreneurs from Russia
2015 Q1 12 26
2015 Q2 10 15
2015 Q3 9 12
2015 Q4 8 19
2016 Q1 7 12


The main conclusions that we can draw from these statistics are:

  • Despite some people predicting that the number of Tier 1 Investors would not be affected by the increase in funds required, numbers of applications have not returned to the pre-November 2014 levels;
  • Over half of Tier 1 Entrepreneur applications made in the UK are refused;
  • Previous predictions suggested that the in-country refusal rate was skewed by PSW switching applicants, but types of applications should not be affecting figures now;
  • There is a substantial risk that an Entrepreneur entering the category will not be able to successfully extend their stay or settle in the UK.

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