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Latest government plans on immigration set to be 'devastating'

They say that a week is a long time in politics, but given that the outspoken Boris Johnson is now the Prime Minister, those weeks could very well start to feel a little longer.

Johnson has been creating headlines for years with his unusual metaphors, but now that he finds himself at the head of the government, it is quickly becoming clear that his words now carry more weight.

And that’s especially true with his attitude towards immigration. Boris Johnson has declared that he would like to ‘significantly’ reduce the amount of people allowed to enter the UK following Brexit, saying that he will push forward with plans to make testing more ‘robust’ for anyone wanting to relocate for work. 

Under current EU regulations, EU citizens can live and work in the UK without having to pass any tests. This is because of the EU’s freedom of movement legislation, which also allows UK citizens to travel throughout the EU with ease. However, if Johnson and his Conservative supporters get their way, this could be set to alter dramatically.

Under the proposed plans, any EU citizen that wants to relocate to the UK will have to prove that they are capable of obtaining a job that will see them earn £30,000 per annum. This will be the threshold that declares them to be a ‘skilled’ worker and will give them access to a special visa. This is currently a rule that only applies to people outside of the EU.

However, current London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that such a move would have ‘devastating consequences’, and has urged Johnson to seriously reconsider his stance. 

Khan believes that should this ruling come into effect, many sectors will struggle to hire the staff necessary to run effectively. And, given that the average wage for a nurse in the UK is around £23,000 per annum, and the average for a teacher is around £22,000 per annum, it would appear that certain professions will be set to suffer more than others.

And, while in the long term this ruling could encourage more people from within the UK to train for positions within the NHS or in schools, it is possible that there could be a significant employee shortfall in the months and years following the final Brexit deal being announced.


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