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A marriage made in heaven but not in the UK

Marriage should be one of the happiest moments for many couples. Yet some recent high-profile news stories have shown that many relationships where one partner is not a UK citizen are falling foul of stringent UK immigration procedures designed to cut down on sham marriages, marriages of convenience and visa-seeking partnerships.

After applying in March 2018, a Mexican national was refused a marriage visa in August because her English did not meet the required standard. Her job in Mexico? An English teacher. With her marriage to her Solihull fiancé postponed indefinitely, the couple must wait for the outcome of an appeal. Meanwhile, they continue to live apart.

Demanding conditions for a UK Spouse Visa

The Home Office’s handling of the Windrush Generation scandal has started to raise questions concerning other aspects of immigration. The rules for a Spouse Visa may seem plain enough. However, the income required by the Home Office has concerned some.  Most sponsors or partners of the spouse seeking a visa need to earn a salary in excess of £18,600 per annum. To put this into context, nearly 40% of the UK population do not have a secure job that pays the figure that the Home Office insist on for a spouse visa to be considered. Add to this the fee charged by the Home Office for a visa and, for many, the cost is simply too great.

A hostile environment

Countless couples have fallen foul of these regulations. They spend weeks, months and possibly years apart as they tackle the rules and regulations, which sometimes do not seem clear or fair. These separations take their toll on the divided couple. In addition, the disturbing climate in the UK towards immigration can compound the situation. The harsh reality faced by these couples is documented on the social media site Reuniting Families Facebook. Here, couples share their disturbing stories as they face the hostile world of Home Office crackdowns. Families and couples are forced to continue their relationships apart via social media, Skype and text.

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